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2015년 7월 16일 목요일

Sorabee _Main Ingredient _SF Collagen (Starfish)

Collagen from Starfish Extract

Collagen is material like glue, it adhere to each cells in our body.
Our skin’s corium contains 70% collagen, which makes young, radiant skin. Generally, 25 years old, we can find remarkable wrinkles around eyes because of lack of collagen and moisture.

Therefore collagen is important to elastic, young and beautiful skin.
Amaranth Cosmetics succeed to extract collagen, important cosmetics ingredient, from starfish, as the first in the whole world. [Patent No. 10-0679712]

Safe from BSE(bovine spongiform encephalopathy), The high penetration rate to the deep skin.

by Melissa Lee from Amaranth Co., Ltd.

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